Types of Game Modes

Types of Game Modes
The game has 3 modes. All three PVP modes are created as an inspiration from the Terminator 2 game. The three game modes are
• Come out to play
• Siege mentality
• Hasta la vista

1. Come Out to Play Game Mode
The come out to play mode Gta 5 Generator has three runners who need to reach home but they are being chased by the gun men. Your mission is run as fast as you can to reach home and all the while paying attention not to let the gun men shoot you and injure you with their motorbikes. You will be equipped with weapons that you can use to fight back at the bikers.

2. Siege Mentality Game Mode
The siege mentality mode is another coop mode that involves four players. There are lots of enemies around but you should able to tackle with them having given access to all the weapons you need. The enemies are stationed in different places and you have to fight them. The enemies have access to an unlimited range of weapons just like you and your team.

3. Hasta La Vista Game Mode
In the Hasta La Vista mode, you and your team are the cyclists that are being hunt down by the truckers. The cyclists must arrive at the finishing point without getting hit by the truck or being run down by the truck wheels. As the truckers chase them from behind, the cyclists must not be panic and cycle fast on the right path to arrive at the finishing line.

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